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NY Giants vs. New England Patriots point spread Super Bowl 2012


 On the first Sunday in February the New York Giants will face off the New England Patriots and here you will find the latest point spread on the Super Bowl 2012 game. Many of you may not realize this, but the Super Bowl point spread is the most wagered on betting option in the USA. For the majority of the bettors it's much easier to work with the point spread, rather than guessing the outright outcome of the Superbowl game. That's why we will keep up with the very latest Giants Patriots point spread on this page, feel free to bookmaker it for future reference. And if you are new to betting and are unsure how the point spread works, follow the link to read our complete explanation, along with examples.

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 Let's not waste any more time and see the Giants Patriots point spread posted by the sportsbooks. We will look at a couple of very popular online sportsbooks to give you the best option and the biggest payout chance on the Super Bowl 2012 point spread bets. Both sportsbooks are USA betting approved. Here is the very latest spread numbers:

At Bovada the Giants vs. Patriots point spread right now is at -3 points in favor of the Pats, with the Giants sitting on +3 spread. The payout on the Patriots Super Bowl 2012 point spread is at -135 (i.e. you have to bet $135 to win $100) and for the Giants a winning bet would be paid on +115 odds (you would get paid $115 for every $100 winning).

At 5 Dimes the 2012 Super Bowl point spread is -2.5 chalk the Patriots with payout of -143 and the spread on the Giants for the Superbowl game is at +2.5 points with payout at +123.

 As you can see from the latest 2012 Super Bowl point spread, if you want to bet on the Giants, going with Bovada will give you an edge with the points - if the game is decided by just a field goal (3 points) for the Patriots, with Bovada you bet would be refunded, while you would lose it if you placed it at 5 Dimes. But at the same time, if the Giants win or lose by 2 points or less - you would make more money on that bet ($123 win for every $100 vs. only $115 at Bovada). This is one of the main reasons we will update the Giants Pats point spread often among the two sportsbooks, this way when our visitors find good payout they can lock it right in. Note, that stats are showing us that New England has covered the point spread only once out of their last 6 games when playing the NY Giants.

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