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Betting sites VISA deposit: Which betting website takes VISA credit cards


 Most US customers prefer to deposit money at the betting sites using a credit card and it's no secret that VISA is today's most popular card brand, so no surprise that so many people are searching for a betting site that accepts VISA deposits. And while funding a gambling account with a credit card is far from the easy-breezy affair it used to be a few years ago, the popularity of the VISA credit card (and debit card alike) has really pushed the sportsbooks to find ways to add it to their depositing methods. Luckily for the US bettor, there are plenty of betting sites taking Visa credit cards and below you can see the most recent list of those sportsbooks:

 Bovada Sports – while being a bit late to post some odds, compared to other good sportsbooks, Bovada is well-known for being the betting site with the easiest and most successful Visa deposits. If you carry one in your wallet and want to use it online, there is no better place that Bovada. Using VISA card to deposit in your betting account is fast and easy, the chances being nearly 100% that your deposit will go through without a glitch. Prepaid Visa cards are also accepted here with the same level of success as the traditional bank-issued Visa credit cards and in addition, this famous US betting site also has its own brand of Visa reward card that can be used for withdrawals, as well. If not messing around with depositing methods is important to you – pay Bovada Sports a visit, it's a top-notch betting website.

 5Dimes – alternatively, 5Dimes, while not accepting all credit cards, it does indeed takes VISA card deposits, although to be honest, sometimes this method is not as successful as we'd wish. Still, considering the hard time offshore sportsbooks have serving US customers – it's a welcome option. 5Dimes also offers some of the best odds on sports, thanks to their low-juice attitude towards betting, so you'd win on two fronts here. If your Visa deposit fails to get through – they have plenty of alternative deposit options.

 Note that we monitor the top USA sports betting websites continuously and the list above will change as the sportsbooks introduce changes to their depositing methods, as well. It's quite possible that a betting site may take VISA today but not accept it tomorrow, so if you want to stay current, feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it as needed in the future.

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