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 Choosing the right online sports betting website could mean the difference between a great online betting experience and a nightmare. The average bettor has no idea which website is good and which sportsbook is rogue, while newbie bettors usually sign up with the first online sportsbook they find on Google. Needless to say - a big mistake. The most secure and proper way to find a good sports betting website is by visiting betting portals like USA Sports Betting, where people who know what they are doing can guide you through the hustle and bustle of choosing the right sports betting site. But of you want to find a good sportsbook all by yourself, here are a few pointers for choosing the right sports betting website, steps we take when ranking our own list of sportsbooks:

1. Don't jump on the first sportsbook you see - as mentioned earlier, a lot of folks will simply sign up with the first sports betting website they see on the internet. Avoid being that guy and select a few online sportsbooks, make yourself a small array of betting websites you like and then proceed to the next step.

2. Do a good research - homework is essential when looking for good sportsbooks and if you going to look for betting sites all by yourself, you must realize the you'll have to spend quite the hours reading about it. You may want to visit popular betting forums and check out what the other players are saying about the sportsbook you are looking into, if payments arrive on time, if at all, are the odds good, do they offer a nice promotion when the big sporting events roll in, etc. Keep in mind that some people will dog a sportsbook even if it was printing them money so take everything, good and bad, with a grain of salt. But by reading the actual players' reviews of the online sportsbook you will get the general idea and feel if a sports betting website is rogue or a good one.

3. Try it out with the bonus - once and only after you have made sure that your chosen sports betting website is not a front for ID theft or simply rogue, the next step would be to join the sportsbook. Always look for the sign-up bonus all good sports betting sites offer their new customers and take advantage. This will give you the edge of being able to try the betting site without committing much of a bankroll. Just in case you have stumbled on a bad online sportsbook, you'll be able to cut your losses pretty short.

4. Verify withdrawals - before you really commit to a specific sports betting site, you must make sure that you test the withdrawal system the online sportsbook has in place. You want to avoid falling victim to slow withdrawal processing or other troubles. There are sportsbooks which would intentionally look for thing that would slow your withdrawal request or even stop your winnings altogether. Use the previous step with the bonus offers and after completing the wagering requirements withdraw the money just to see how the process works. You can always re-deposit your winnings or fund your betting account.

 Follow these basic steps in choosing the right sports betting website and you will have an advantage many others don't.

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