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 In this day and age, the cell phone is the one thing many of us don't leave the house without and no surprise that the majority of the sport betting websites are taking advantage of this by introducing mobile sportsbook apps. Even though the sports betting industry as a whole is a bit slow to catch on to the trend of mobile sportsbooks (most simply use a mobile website or assume you would use the phone's browser to access your account), there are those who are pushing forward with innovations.

 When we speak of mobile betting, instantly Bookmaker comes to mind. Unlike the majority, this sportsbook has a real sports betting app for your smart phone. One can visit the sportsbook via the link above, open an account and download the mobile betting app right away. With he app one can bet on sports, play blackjack games, check account balances and wager outcomes, open wagers etc. Supported devices include the iPhone, Blackberry and Android operating systems. This is the prime sportsbook with a prime mobile sports betting app!

 Why go with a mobile sports betting app, one may ask? A lot of advantages are given to those who jump on this new trend. Live betting the main reason people download mobile betting apps on their smart phones. Taking advantage of the latest and sharpest odds is bound to guarantee an edge over the average bettor and in the long term the speed of a mobile betting website over the odds will give you thousands back in additional profit.

 With a mobile sportsbook website you are also not tied to the home computer every time you want to place a bet or check the latest odds. Watching the game with your mates at the local bar is great and having the best odds and the ability to place and change wagers on the spot makes it even better. Not to mention the bragging rights and envy from your friends when you pull out your phone and bet the latest point spread on the football game. Bottom line is that if you don't have your sportsbook's mobile app on your phone you are definitely living in the dark ages. So quit denying yourself this and check out the mobile sports betting apps we mentioned.

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