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Over Under - How to bet over under explained


 The over under bet is among the most popular wagering options at the sportsbooks. If you are an experienced bettor, this how to bet over under explained guide is clearly not for you, since it's one of the first bets one learns when taking on sports gambling. But for the people new to sports betting or those who would just like to know what the over-under is all about and how it works, read on. We have tried to explain the over/under bet as simple as possible and one would have no trouble grasping its simple concept.


 Over under is a very simple wager and this simplicity is the reason why this bet is so popular among the sports bettors. As the name already suggest by itself, the "over under" is a bet placed on an outcome which falls either "over" or "under" a predetermined amount. It really sounds more complicated than it actually is. Let's look at an example and you will instantly understand how it works.

 Taking an NBA game as an example, the sportsbook will post an over/under, usually on the total score, although there are many variations of this wager, for example on the 1st half or on a team's total score, all depending on which sport we are talking about. But back to the original example. Let's say that the sports betting website has decided that the total score of the game is 202 points. This is calculated by combining the final scores of both teams. Once the odds makers have determined that the most likely combined total from the two basketball teams' final scores is 202, they would allow bettors to place wagers on whether the total score would actually be "over" 202 points or "under "202". So for example if that NBA game finishes 101-103, the total score would be 204 (101+103) and the winning bet would be "over" since 204 is more than 202. Everyone who placed bets on Over 202 would win and those betting on Under would lose. As you can clearly see, the over under bet is very simple.

 There is one other option and that is if the total score is actually equal to the over/under number. Using the same example above, if the game was to finish 100-102 the final score would be 202, which is neither over nor under the posted 202 points by the betting site. In this case the original amount of the bet is simply refunded to the customer, who neither wins nor loses. There you have it, the over under explained. Now you know how the over/under works.

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