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 It's no secret that in the USA the credit cards are the preferred payment method and it's only natural that bettors will be looking to use credit card to deposit at the online sportsbooks. But as many of you have found out already, finding a sportsbook taking credit card deposits could be overwhelming. There are many reasons why it's so difficult for the online sportsbooks to allow credit card payments from players in the U.S., but today we will focus not on the problem but on the solution, i.e. which sportsbook accepts credit cards, not only from USA but all over the world.

 Right now, 5Dimes is the leading sportsbook that takes credit card payments. According to the latest information, this sports betting website has secured a pretty stable and reliable processor for credit car dpayments. The bad news is that VISA is currently the only accepted credit card by this online sportsbook. According to information posted on their website, residents of a handful of states are restricted from using this VISA processor and the transaction limits are set relatively low at only $250 per deposit. The betting site also has a Mastercard/Visa processor, but according to many of the sports betting forums, the rate of success using that one is quite low. On the bright side - there are no fees associated with using credit card to fund your player's account.

 Another option is Bookmaker, which has apparently set the maximum credit card deposit pretty high - at $2,000 daily, as posted on their site. Visa is again the only available option here. Reading further at, we find out that if your credit cards are not directly accepted, one can use the Western Union website to deposit, where you can use any credit card you want, or at least any of the major 3 card issuers. Of course an array of e-wallets are also available to handle your deposits. E-wallets work much like the way they sound. It's an internet wallet account, which you can fund using credit/debit card or a bank account and then use the wallet account itself to deposit money at the sportsbook.

 And, of course, let's not forget Intertops. This online bookmaker is claiming that it allows deposits via any of the 4 major credit cards (yes, even Diners Club). The catch is that new players are restricted to just $250 per day, which unfortunately limits the bonus money you can take advantage of as a new customer. But once a credit card authorization form is received by the sportsbook - according to them you can take advantage of the $500 per transaction limit, which is quite high these days.

 As you can see the options are not as many as one would believe. The online gambling industry is certainly going through some changes and payment methods are the most affected aspect of these changes. Note, the information provided is for research purposes only and has been compiled from the sportsbooks websites themselves. We cannot guarantee that it would remain true at the time you visit our website, since the betting companies tend to change these options constantly.

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