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Where to bet on the Super Bowl online?


 The Super Bowl is the most highly anticipated sports betting event in the USA and there is no doubt that many will as themselves where to bet on the Super Bowl. Below we have listed a few of the best sportsbooks for betting on the Super Bowl online in the USA, all of them will have plenty of promotions and free bets, so make sure you take advantage of those offers on this great football event. In addition, don't forget that a lot of scammy websites will start popping up around the big football game, thus is imperative to chose the right place to bet on Super Bowl from the start. So, where to bet on the Super Bowl online:

 5 Dimes (get $520 free bets here) - Why do we start with 5Dimes as the top sports betting website for the Super Bowl? It's simple, we are recommending this sportsbook mostly to the experienced bettors and those who are planning on wagering larger amounts. This betting site has long been known to offer the lowest juice odds, not only on the Super Bowl, but on all of their markets. People who have been wagering on the web for a long time know the importance of low juice and strive to maximize and squeeze every little penny out of their bets.

 This is not to say that this sportsbook is no good for the casual bettor, on the contrary, the layout of the site is very simple and extremely easy to navigate, and the $520 in free bets on the Super Bowl for which you can qualify when you follow the link above make this sportsbook perfect for those who are just looking to place a small bet on the Super Bowl and brag about it in the office the next day. But it's a fact that the casual gambler is really not so concerned with low juice, especially if they are placing a single bet on the Super Bowl. But for the experienced bettor, low juice odds are one of the main priorities and this gambling website welcoming USA players is perfect for the Super Bowl online betting.

 In addition, 5Dimes has been online forever and has build a strong reputation in the internet gambling community for offering amazing service, fast payouts and great odds. It may sound amazing to say this, but there are literally no complaints about this online sportsbook from its customers! We understand how important it is, especially around Super Bowl time, to find a great bookie that would offer service above and beyond what is usually expected, therefore we highly recommend 5Dimes as your go to sportsbook in the USA if you are wondering where to bet on the Super Bowl. This sportsbook will also have live Super Bowl odds throughout the entire game, which is a great way to hedge your bets while watching the Bowl. Another plus for 5Dimes is that the depositing options include credit cards, something hard to find these days. Funding you betting account with credit card is much easier, although the betting website also offers many other depositing options.

 Bovada (formerly Bodog) - This is another recommended sportsbook for those who are asking where in the USA to bet on the Super Bowl. The only "complaint" about this gambling website is that it's a bit slow to post the odds on the football games, i.e. often Bovada will post the odds on Friday for the Sunday games. To the casual bettor this is of course no issue, but some people like to get their odds as early as possible, in order to maximize their parlays before the majority of the bets come in and the odds are adjusted for a smaller margin. We can certainly understand this point of view, but this would hardly be the case for the Super Bowl betting. Rest assured that for the championship football game the sportsbook will post the odds to win a long time in advance.

 On the other side, there many positive features that make Bovada one of the most recommended Super Bowl betting websites. Putting aside the fact that this gambling company has been doing business online for over 15 years and is known throughout the community as a respectable and honest odds maker, Bovada is still the easiest sportsbook for depositing in the USA. You can deposit using credit cards easier here than anywhere else, a big plus when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, but also for the rest of the games, as well. Withdrawals could be slow at certain times, especially around Super Bowl when literally millions of winners are looking to collect their winnings, but this is a problem all sportsbooks face. The positive is that your withdrawal will come, as it has been doing for well over a decade already. You don't stay in this business for 16+ years by providing bad service. Bovada is also know to offer a lot of bonuses come Super Bowl, something that has drawn a lot of players from other bookies over the years. Take advantage of the free bets for Super Bowl with Bovada and you won't regret it.

 So there you have them, the best sportsbooks to bet on the Super Bowl. Naturally, there are many other sports betting websites which will offer bets on the Super Bowl game, but we cannot recommend many of them. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of fake bookies will start showing up online and offer all sorts of bonuses and free bets, but as they say - don't believe the hype. A lot of people have been burnt over the years by going to shady bookmakers, so stick with the best and you won't regret it. And if you simply want to know the Super Bowl point spread, we recommend this new website dedicated to the spread on the game.

 And as a disclaimer, we do not encourage betting on the Super Bowl or any kind of betting online in jurisdictions which forbid it. Check your local laws for legality of sports betting. We serve a wide audience from around the world and it is impossible for us to know whether online gambling is legal in your locale, thus this responsibility falls on the visitor. All sportsbooks mentioned here are for information purpose only.

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