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Super Bowl 2012 odds and betting line


 According to some statistics, more than half of the USA adult population will make some form of wager on the Super Bowl game. And most people are asking themselves - what are the odds on who will win the Super Bowl 2012? We have the latest betting odds and the line on the Super Bowl to help you make you mind on that office wager - knowing what the odds makers think as a sure edge over your coworkers. Many of the USA bettors will also run to the online sportsbooks for their annual Super Bowl bets and for them we have listed the very latest 2012 Super Bowl odds and lines. They are also listed on our preview of where to bet on the Super Bowl this year, these are good bookmakers.

Super Bowl 2012 Odds

 Right now the sportsbooks are agreeing on only one thing - the Patriots are the favorite to win the Super Bowl 2012 and beat the Giants, but the similarities and here and the odds differ quite a lot among the bookies, as well as the line they would pay winners on. At 5 Dimes sportsbook the 2012 Super Bowl odds are at -170 in favor of the Patriots to add yet another trophy while the Giants are the Super Bowl underdog with betting line +150. At the same time at the online sport betting website Bovada the Giants are still an underdog, but their Super Bowl line is only +115, while the Patriots line is -130 to win the 2012 Super Bowl.

 As you can see the difference in the Super Bowl 2012 odds is astonishing and those two sportsbooks are the most popular in the USA. Therefore is very important not only to compare the Super Bowl odds, but also to take advantage of the line before it changes. We will update the odds and betting lines daily, but if previous SuperBowl games are any indication, those lines will change a lot and the margins between winner and loser will become smaller and smaller with each passing day, barring an injury or another major event before the game.

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