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 Depositing funds in an USA sports betting website could be a daunting task at times, but it really shouldn't, if you do your homework. Nearly all US betting sites today still take credit cards, however, some of them prefer to work with one brand of card over the other and today we will focus on the USA betting sites accepting MasterCard credit and debit cards. Keep in mind that even though we try to keep the list of sports betting sites taking MasterCard as up-to-date as possible, changes in the gambling industry are fluid and it's nearly impossible to be 100% certain all the time. The sportsbooks noted here are some of the most stable, so the guide should be near perfect at any time. If it so happens that when you visit a betting site and it doesn't show that it accepts MasterCard, simply choose a different sportsbook, sometimes changes in payment processing are too swift even for us to catch up in time. Anyhow, let's get down to the list of US betting sites taking MasterCard credit cards.

 Bookmaker – this popular sports betting websites accepts MasterCard transactions not only as a stand-alone funding option, but it also offers a couple of other ways to use Master Card to fund your sportsbook account. If, for some reason, your MasterCard credit card deposit fails to get through (something very rare at this USA sports betting company), you can use your card at one of the two person-2-person funding methods or alternatively, sign up for the MasterCard debit card offered by Bookmaker itself. Not only it guarantees instant and hassle-free deposits, but one can also use it to withdraw their winnings directly to the MasterCard and use it anywhere to make purchases of cash withdrawals at ATMs. Yet another plus to taking this route is that the withdrawal fees are much better than the standard payout methods.

 Overall, if you want to play at the best sports betting website that takes MasterCard, Bookmaker is the top destination. It is also the only good US betting website that works with MasterCard. You can use your credit card indirectly at 5Dmes or Bovada Sports, two other leading betting sites, but they currently take only VISA and you'd have to use the person-to-person methods like Western Union and Money Gram to fund your sportsbook account. We are sure that there may be a few other spots betting companies for US players that accept MasterCard but we highly advise you against playing at them. We won't mention names (there are tons of those rogue sportsbooks), but just know that if a sport betting website is not part of our approved list on our home page – it's likely a one that you should avoid. The forums and blogs are littered with complaints about sportsbooks not paying their customers, giving them BS excuses and even downright stealing money. Don't be a statistic and if you need information on MasterCard betting sites – pick only one of those listed above and stay safe out there!

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